by Jill
(Fort Erie, ON, Canada)

Arnold was a unique 14 pound Tuxedo cat. He would follow my kids to the bus stop every day and somehow know what time to meet them at the bus stop after school - and follow them home. He had a purr that you could hear from the next room and a very loud meow. He would purr when he saw me showing affection to the children. He chased dogs. Would come when he was called. And if our other cat was out too long I would send him to find her and he would come home with her 10 minutes later. One time he could not find her and when she came home the next morning, Arnold gave her a couple of bops in the head to show her that he was not pleased. If one of our children was sick in bed Arnold would stay by his side the whole time. If someone left a martini or a glass of wine within reach of Arnold he would try to sneak a couple of sips. My son was afraid of the dark so he would carry Arnold to bed with him. Arnold would stay beside him until my son went to sleep and then come down to join the rest of the family. The whole neighborhood knew Arnold because if there was an open window in a car or house, he would climb in and visit. Arnold loved everyone.

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