All " LIT UP" for the Holidays

by Tammy Pierson
(Garfield, NJ, USA)

His name is Jade and he will be 3 yrs old on February 8, 2011. He lives with me Tammy and my 2 kids Jennifer and Kurt. He is all black with a little white on his belly and he is truly a God send!

The story that goes with Jade is:
My daughter(who is now 21) was deathly afraid of All animals practically since she could speak. No reason, for her fear, she was just afraid.

When I first saw Jade it was April 11, 2008 and I want to clarify that My father died on April 11, 1988. (Unfortunately my children never met him) 20 years to the day. I have not had a pet since my children were toddlers and didn't want any more especially considering my daughter was still afraid after all these years. A neighbor's cat had kittens and let me hold Jade. I felt an instant connection to this animal that I couldn't explain. My son's birthday was the next day April 12th and I was so tempted to bring him this beautiful little kitten for his present. But I instead went home without him and told my kids how cute he was. My daughter asked me if she could have him and I said no. After all I reminded her she was so terribly afraid of animals. But she somehow had this epiphany and reverted back to a ten year old child who pleaded with me until I finally gave in.

I went back to the neighbor on April 14th and asked her if she knew what day this kitten had been born. She said yes and checked her calendar. She told me he was born on February 8th (my father's birthday). I got this chill in my bones and just knew somehow my father is watching us all from above and wanted us to know he was the one who sent us Jade.

We all love Jade very much and he is very much a part of our family. My son has taught him tricks as if he was part dog. Jade will high 5 you, give kisses on your nose, roll over, jump on command but only if you have a treat to give to him. He loves to rough house with my son and he actually breathes out like a bull and charges at him in play. He is just so very smart.

This picture of him with the Christmas lights are one of the many things the kids continue to make him a part of along with making him do the craziest things. It's all in love! And we thank my Dad for miraculously sending him our way.

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Jan 07, 2011
Good Boy Cat!
by: Sue T.

He is a handsome boy! Smart as a whip too! We love these little guys... :)

Jan 06, 2011
Jade the superstar
by: Anna Mingolo


Jade has such a beautiful story and he's so lucky to have found such a loving family to give him a wonderful home and in return he just has so much love to give. I have fallen in love with him the day I met him. He's just so lovable and cuddly. Your Dad is smiling from above and saying what a wonderful match I created.

So happy to see Jade on here and have you share his special story with everyone.


Jan 06, 2011
Our Little Boy
by: Mom/Grandma

That is such a great picture and your story of how Jade came to us is amazing. Of course I know the story of how this little boy came into our lives and also that if it were not for Jade and Jen, Tiger would not be with us today. She too is a treasure as you know.

Love, Mom/Grandma

Jan 05, 2011
A holiday blessing
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Tammy,

What a wonderful story! Jade is indeed a heaven-sent kitty. I truly believe that God works in mysterious ways, and Jade has been a blessing to you and your family in so many ways.

I also love Jade's holiday picture. He's too cute for words. And he's such a good sport. We dressed our cat Max as Santa for our holiday pictures but he only tolerated it for a few moments.

Thank you so much for sharing Jade's picture and story.

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