A White Cat Story

by Kristen England

My white cat has always been antisocial. He has been treated like a king but refuses to accept any affection. He hates strangers & hisses at everyone who crosses his path......however, he has his 'own' special sweet way of showing his loyalty and respect for his master...he gets up early and directs me to his food bowl (which hold prime brands)....then he follows me upstairs where he loves to sit on my CD player while I get ready for work. He will grunt when he wants to be fed - he will follow me from a distance staying in close view but will NOT let me hold him.

His name is BOOGER.....only a cat lover would ever put up with his personality....he looks just identical to picture #2 above...he was "set out" on my porch (15) years ago by someone who did not want him - he was so young he did not know how to eat. I taught him to eat and he has always lived inside with every luxury a pet could imagine.....but he has never changed his ways. I just cannot win him over....when he was young he loved to play and would play for hours - that is the only interaction he has ever allowed, although at times "on his own terms" he will come and get in our laps, however, he does not allow touching during these times. He has been known to "attack" and bite for no reason.....He is very moody and sometimes goes on hunger strikes for a different brand of food....his ears have always hurt him & he has always had digestive problems.....

I had him neutered a young age but this did not impact his aggressive personality either. He hates other cats...I guess you know the rest....love is blind!!

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Jun 24, 2010
Sounds familiar ...
by: Jean

My white cat Star apparently had a difficult time before she came to live with me. She is very nervous and skittish and, like your cat, does not like to be picked up or held -- EVER! She will sometimes come to be petted and seems to really like the experience of being stroked and caressed but she just will not allow me to hold her or cuddle her.

When she had had enough of the touchy-feely stuff, she doesn't hesitate to nip at the hand that caresses, and apparently has no qualms about doing it whatsoever.

Unlike your cat, she seems to like it when company comes. She is friendlier with company than she is with me. But the only person she willingly lets pick her up is my brother. I told him "Star likes you best". I think she would go home with him if he would let her!

She can be very picky about what she eats but fortunately I've figured out what is always acceptable and try to not depart from those rigid guidelines. It saves a lot of wasted food and money!

I'm so glad your White Cat was fortunate enough to be "set out" on your door step. Sounds like you were the guardian angel that was meant for that little kitty.

Feb 04, 2010
A king indeed
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Kristen,

I loved your cat story. It made me laugh out loud!

I know what you mean when you say "love is blind". My cats have their moments, too. For example, this past week they have refused to eat anything but salmon (they eat Natural Balance - wet food).

Anyway, he surely loves you in his own way. I guess that's what counts.

Thanks for sharing!

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