a clean sweep

by dottie

we lost our cat beethoven a beautiful tabby after 16 yrs. of love and devotion. to ease our pain we went to the spca and adopted a black and white kitten as soft as a rabbit. we named her abby. she was sick when we got her. but we believed with love and medication she would survive. but she did not. again with broken hearts we went back to the spca to rescue a older cat. she is a beautiful tuxedo cat we named her megan. her being here has helped ease the pain of our loved cats. she is like no other cat we have ever had. she is the boss and we do whatever she wants. we are her staff. we love her and were very lucky to have her. see how well trained we are! the one thing she does is she begs us to brush her with floor broom. she wants us to do it all the time. i have never heard of a cat doing this. she also talks all the time. she sounds like a bird we should have called her chirpy.

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May 09, 2011
by: Claudia-Admin

Hi Dottie,

Megan is gorgeous. I'm so glad that she's brought so much joy to your life, especially after losing two beloved cats. And it seems like Megan is the queen of the home now. She gets what she wants lol! I too find myself doing what my cat wants. Cats are so good at giving orders and getting what they want. I just love them.

Thanks again for sharing your story and Megan's picture.

PS - I've never heard of a cat that liked being swept! That must be quite a funny sight.

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