Eek The Cat

Eek The Cat, a popular cartoon during the 1990s, is a good-natured, big fat purple cat. Eek is optimistic to a fault. In fact, his motto is “it never hurts to help”. Unfortunately, his extreme optimism usually gets him into trouble.

Basically, this show revolved around his getting into hot water because of his overly perky attitude. The show also parodied many popular television shows and movies.

The animated series, starring this positive feline, was created by Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp. The show was also known as Eek- Stravaganza. The series aired on the Fox Kids Network (now gone) from September, 1992 to August, 1997. There were a total of 71 episodes.

Cast of characters

-- Eek: An exceedingly happy and optimistic cat, he only sees the good in all people and situations. He’s always willing to extend himself and help everyone. Despite his positive attitude, he can’t help getting inconvenienced, and even hurt. His signature exclamation is “Kumbaya”.

-- Annabelle: Eek’s girlfriend, she’s a big, fat, pink cat with slender arms and big red lips.

-- Sharky the Dog: Annabelle’s pet, he looks like a shark. Sharky protects and guards Annabelle's home fiercely. He also enjoys terrorizing Eek!

-- Elmo the Elk: Though he puts on a brave front, he’s always scared. He’s a bit slow but good-natured. He is Eek’s close friend.

-- Mittens: Eek’s cat friend. He always wears mittens, hence his name.

-- Timmy: Elmo’s hypochondriac brother. He’s always asking for money to pay for the treatment of his strange "illnesses".

Other characters:

This is a list of other supporting characters. They were very special in their own right. I especially found Steven the Squirrel quite hilarious.

-- Mom and the children (Wendy Elizabeth and J.B) – They are Eek’s human family. Even though Eek- can speak with other humans, he can’t speak with his human family.

-- Steven the Squirrel: A boring squirrel, he's Eek's neighbor. He is married with four children.

-- The Squishy Bearz: The friendly bears, they have their own TV show.

The Terrible Thunderlizards

The Terrible Thunderlizards tells the misfortunes of a group of unintelligent, ex-convict dinosaurs who are given the task of getting rid of two cavemen, Bill and Scooter.

Unfortunately for the dinosaurs, the two cavemen always manage to escape. This series was a by-product of Eek! The Cat and it was presented along with it. For a very brief period of time, The Terrible Thunderlizards had its own show.


Klutter is an animated series created by Savage Steve Holland and David Silverman. It had a short run: from 1995 to 1996. The series aired on the Fox Kids Network. It started as a separate series but it ended as a segment on the Eek the Cat show.

Klutter! tells the story of Ryan and Wade Heap, two siblings whose father is allergic to pets. Thus, because they can't have a real pet, they create their very own pet using assorted junk and rags (hence the name). Klutter - who is always licking the kids' faces, just like a dog - is brought to life using static electricity ( very "Frankenstein", I would say). Klutter and friends spend a lot of time solving mysteries.

Gift ideas

Do you know any fan of this friendly cartoon cat? Then consider giving Eek the Cat-inspired comics, a set of trading cards, or the Eek-the-cat video game.

The complete Eek the Cat series is not available on DVD, unfortunately. I’ll keep you posted if the series is ever released on DVD. You can find VHS tapes of some episodes, though.

Note: All the copyrighted characters mentioned here are trademarks of their owners.

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